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In Saudi Arabia, Pad ball Arabia is the world’s largest padboll sports complex that opened recently. Pad ball was launched in Argentina in the latter part of 2010, after years of work and development in 2008. Pad ball Aamman and Pad ball Jeddah court are also in Saudi Arabia. This sport combines popular sports like squash, tennis, volleyball, and soccer. It has seen rapid growth in various regions around the globe. 

If you are looking for pad ball Arabia, then look no further and choose Padel Tennis Saudi Arabia. We are the one-stop solution for a tennis court, padel tennis, pad ball Jeddah, and other products that you may require while playing pad ball and tennis. 

About the game

Pad ball is an exciting and unique sport. It is easy to learn, dynamic and fun. No matter what level of experience you have, anyone can play this sport and enjoy all its possibilities. The ball bounces on the ground and along lateral walls, giving the game speed and continuity. The players can use their entire bodies to execute the task except for their hands and arms. The Pad ball game is played using a Pad ball that is smaller and lighter than the football one. This makes it ideal for headshots which are common during Pad ball games.

Our Services

We have created a new Pad ball concept outdoors to suit the northern climate. It meets all requirements for construction and surface. The Pad ballcourt designs are resistant to corrosion in steel grid sections and welds. The Pad ball court measures 10 m in length and 6 m wide. It is divided by a net that measures one meter high. Our net is of the highest quality, and it is tested for safety according to current standards.

Features and Benefits

  • · Sport without age, weight, height, or sexual orientation restrictions
  • · Promoting a fun, healthy lifestyle
  • · Get better physical condition
  • · Increase reflexes and coordination
  • · Promotes weight loss and aerobic balance
  • · A challenging exercise for your brain
  • · The glass walls give the game a unique dynamism
  • · International male and female competitions
  • · Complementary to other sporting activities, particularly football
  • · Perfect for relaxation, team building, and competitions

Why Choose Us?

If you want the best Pad ball Damman, with impeccable quality and at an unbeatable price, then we are here for you. We ensure to provide you with an ultimate quality pad ball, tennis court, and other material in which we deal. We also guide in selecting the best products from our store as per your requirement. You can also consider us when it comes to the installation of a tennis court. We have experts in doing that. So, don’t wait for more, just connect us to play better.