Buy the Best Padel Field in Saudi Arabia

Do you love playing padel tennis? If yes, Padel Tennis Saudi Arabia is the one who can fulfil all your requirement. We have the most extensive collection of pedal courts in the country. Padel, a racket game that incorporates elements of squash and tennis, is called a racket sport. Players of all abilities and ages are able to play within half an hour. Padel has a very important role when playing field padel tennis. If you really like this game, then you must buy A1 quality padel field.

About padel field

Padel can be played in doubles on a court enclosed by a metallic fence and glass walls. The fields padel tennis measures 20 x 10 m. Look no further if you are looking to buy the best field padel tennis. We are experts in the construction and manufacturing of the Padel field. Our equipment is professional, and we have strict quality control systems and loading standards. This ensures that each site is safe and secure.


  • Our Padel Tennis Court is very strong against wind loads.
  • A padel court is a rectangle measuring 20 m x 10 m in length and enclosed above ground by a mixture of glass and weld mesh rebound walls.
  • The fence panels are supported using steel poles connected to a concrete foundation and a synthetic grass play surface.
  • You can play it with any age group.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer the largest selection of padel court Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.
  • We use only the finest materials and can guarantee excellence.
  • Experts for designing and building visually stunning Padel Tennis courts.
  • We provide instant assistance in case of any issue.